Rise and Shine Soapers,

It is where I spend all my time, that I feel like an alien. I do not belong, nor am I comfortable or put in my right mindset. My veins run with anger and annoyance. My temper is always on edge, and my attitude is sharp.

High school is one pain in my butt. I almost dropped out. In fact, I wrote a letter to administration. I never shared it with them though, because I decided to stay in school.

Dear High School,

I have given up on Public Education. 10 years of my life have been spent sitting in a classroom. Told to sit in straight rows, forced to ask permission for every move I make, competing with hundreds of other students for a grade that simply marks ‘quality,’ and told how to think, my individuality has been merely stolen. Consider this letter, my official disenrollment from high school.

Richard Branson once said, “Education doesn’t just take place in stuffy classrooms and university buildings, it can happen everywhere, every day to every person.” At 15, this self made billionaire, with a net-worth of 5.1 billion, left the dull hallways to accomplish greater things. School is set in place to educate the masses. Entrepreneurs rebel against the traditional way.

Learning better by doing, I will be furthering my education through adventure travel, a soap company that makes me a better income than all of my teachers, and earning a General Education Diploma. Strongly believing that I will learn and accomplish more in my life by putting myself out into society, I will no longer sit in a stuffy classroom waiting for opportunity to arise. I will make my own opportunity.

The current state of public education was created by politicians that have never taught a day in their life. As students, we can find the area of geometric shapes, understand the rise and fall of Mesopotamia, and analyze a poorly written passage, just to pass a state test. In which, the creator, Frederick J. Kelly, specifically stated “These tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned.” Perhaps some students struggle, because they do not have standardized minds. Fully understanding each and every topic drilled into my head through text books, I will be concluding my education with a 3.0 Grade Point Average. Proving that nothing taught in the system is of any substance, necessary life skills are missing. For example, students should be taught how to handle money, maintain healthy relationships, time-management, self-defense, manners, the law, and even how to find a job. Some of these classes are offered as an elective, but should be mandatory considering these are life necessities as much as our bodies need food and water.

Bringing to the public’s attention, a motivation speaker named Prince Ea described education as making a fish climb a tree. Absolutely impossible, you tell the fish he is a failure when he cannot accomplish the task. Training robots, you have been accused of killing creativity and individuality.

Educational Malpractice can be proven in the teachers who have personally told me I am a failure or need to be drug tested. Don’t get me wrong, good teachers are out there and I will give them the utmost respect, but just one teacher that disrespects their students represents a corrupt system as a whole.

Note to adults: Threatening kids by calling them failures doesn’t work. It just makes them hate you… It’s no wonder so many of my teachers are divorced, overworked, without friends and underpaid. If you can’t value yourself, how will you value, inspire and teach others?

Every person has a brain of their own. Different thoughts, goals, talents, dreams, cannot be justified by one way of learning. If a doctor prescribed hundreds of different patients with the same medication, so many would be unable to overcome their illness.

Concluding my reasoning for leaving the corrupt public education system, I will not tolerate the culture of low expectations, disrespect, and lack of educational substance. High school has not enhanced my life in any way. I am proud to be continuing my education in a non traditional way.