This morning, I woke up earlier than all of my siblings… except one!

Sitting in a giant LoveSac a million times bigger than him, Skyler just stared at me with the urgency of question. He never stops talking, and his curiosity soars higher than the tallest mountain peak.

Yesterday, my mom took my twin cousins and three siblings to the aquarium. At five years old, Skyler feared the tanks breaking.

“Mom, what if the tank breaks all over us? Hey mom, what if my ears burst?”

For hours, these thoughts buzzed in his brain. Just as, whenever I am cutting soap, he begs to be there.

“Lily, can I cut the soap with you?”

I love those words coming out of his mouth. One day, I will need his help!
He is my Soap Man.

Together, we made a little video. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss out! Check it out now:


Skyler loves to make soap. At just 5, his curiosity will lead him to be my main soaper!

Until he is old enough, he will have to just keep cutting soap with me!