Women in their 40s are dying from ovarian cancer due to products
made by Johnson and Johnson…Two years ago they were taken to

That means, girls my age are losing their moms!

Is anyone paying attention???

I will not let a soap bar, baby powder, or shampoo take my family’s pride
and joy, or anyone’s else’s!

One carcinogen found in these baby products is formaldehyde; found in cigarette
smoke, and now a baby’s bum!

Another harmful chemical is 1,4 Dioxane. In a study done with mice,
1,4-dioxane caused liver cancer.

One of my close friends has been a victim of this crime. Fortunately, her
mother has survived ovarian cancer, but the road was rough and full of
hardships. With the love and support of friends and family, cancer was

It could’ve been avoided by being aware of how you treat your body.
Nevertheless, major companies should not be adding harmful ingredients
to soaps!

But it has become the norm!

Johnson and Johnson should be behind bars.  But since that will never
happen, we can put them out of business. Stop buying corporate
soap! Stand up against putting profits before people. Buy natural!

I use essential oils that simply improve life, instead of take it.

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