About Me

At 13 years old, I began saving the world. The US Military showed that quality soap works better than vaccines. The Center for Disease Control says that it saves 1.5 million lives worldwide, annually.

Handmade Soap Club was pioneered on Etsy. I was shipping out 20 bars a month, receiving checks or cash in exchange. No bank account or business plan, just an auspicious proposal to refine my math and science skills.

You see, I detested math. I couldn’t differentiate equations from expressions or numerators from denominators. While most parents would approach the dilemma with tutoring sessions and parent-teacher conferences, my dad, who successfully creates natural, health-related products with an approach to chemistry, ethnobotany and biology, suggested soap-making. Yes, soap-making would increase my understanding of formulae and equations.

We spent months studying saponification: when triglycerides in fat and oil react with aqueous NaOH and then convert into soap. At first, I thought it would be impossible. I wasn’t able to calculate proper ratios or percentages. Through much frustration and annoyance of my dads constant instruction, I swallowed my pretentiousness and began studying my dad’s way of thinking – brilliant, precise, and methodic. If he could do it, I could too. I just had to get into his head and see through his perspective. It took patience and discipline to run numbers for hours on end; searching for a solution. Soon enough, I was the boss of every soap bar being made under my edict.

I figured the world needed an alternative to commercial bricks of drying bubbles, injected with laboratory created perfumes. All my life, I was convinced that chemicals are bad – they cause cancer, diabetes, and other serious health disorders. This was until I discovered the beauty of chemistry. Creating substance by intensifying and reacting divergent chemical compounds captivated my senses. As my love for such a sensational implementation grew, so did my urge to observe and experiment with the intellectual behaviors of the substantial world.

My soaps take 3-12 months to make: inspired by chemistry, perfected by Mother Nature. I only sell through my “Soap Club,” and membership is limited.

I can’t make a million quintessential bars. So, I only make them for serious soap lovers who are in my monthly club. Dedicated club members value organic oils, essential oils, and the time-consuming process. If you’re in the club, you are guaranteed three luxury soap bars a month!

Contact: [email protected]