I haven’t written in a while.

My dad sends urging text messages, daily!

Maybe, that’s just it. I am overthinking it.

I am overthinking about WHAT TO WRITE, how to write, where to write, etc. Just overthinking…

It’s so silly! I can just sit here and let the words spill out. So what’s the problem?

Exactly. There is no problem.

Not only am I creating a piece of content, but working through life. I can feel my muscles releasing tension, as my jaw releases it’s tight grip – I always grind my teeth when I feel off.

Life is a speeding bullet train. I just hopped off one, and missed the next one – afraid to jump on, as I watch it blow hair in my face.

My life is currently in transition. I just finished up high school. Moved out of my parent’s house. Lost my few remaining friends. And adopted a little baby Husky with my boyfriend.

Not to mention the growing Soap Family, www.handmadesoapclub.com.

In the midst of it all, I find peace in making soap and writing. That’s it. Nothing else allows me to release emotions.

For some, it may be painting, dance, sports, film, etc.

It’s ART – A form that appeals to a soul’s senses and emotions.

I always forget this, allowing the perception of ‘work’ to stress me out. That is until I realize, I do what I do, for a reason – I love it. It helps me, and so many others.

Even so, our luxury soap allows anyone to indulge in peace and serenity. Meditate. Forget your problems. Take a bath or shower – whatever you like!

Just relax. Indulge in the creamy lather, sweet aromas, and botanicals – Pure Luxury.

Love, Lily
P.S. You can join the Soap Club at www.handmadesoapclub.com.