I just woke from a five hour nap.

My body aches all over, and my heart is still racing from this morning.

With just two hours of sleep, we chased our adrenaline to the Great Sand Dunes in Mosca, Colorado. Through farmland and county roads, we passed hundreds of sawmills and hay bales.

Driving the mountain passes kept us alert. Waiting for the ground to rumble and rocks to fall, my boyfriend proceeded with caution. We were anxious to get there. After all, we were driving across the state of Colorado at 3am.

Pupils struggling to dilate, I felt my head was going to explode. I have never seen anything so breathtaking. Taken back by the scene, I almost puked when we approached the base of the rolling hills… gross!!

Before we could calibrate our senses, we found sand between our toes; numb from crossing the creek. The morning air kissed my cheeks as the wind breezed through my hair.

Completely alone and in silence, we sat perched high on the sand dunes.

The air sat still. Gods were reaching from the valley in the distance. Sun glistened through the mountains, kissing the East of the dunes. Shades of pinks and purples woke from the horizons surrounding.

Encounters with nature allow my spirit to roam free; setting fire to my creativity.

In just TWO DAYS, I must be back in Phoenix to ship soap! That also means that I will be back in the soap lab, creating a luxury bar to reminisce on the insanity.

Are you getting soap this month?

I will be shipping out French Cedar Wood, Charcoal with tea tree, and Lemon Zest. With 100% essential oils, my luxury soap bars are hard to beat… Everyone uses fragrance these days. In fact, fragrance contains cancer-causing carcinogens.

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As I sit and recover, or have a ‘spa day’ as my boyfriend says, I continue to process the endless passion provoked by nature. Representing such beauty in my soaps, each bar is handmade with love.