For two days, my boyfriend and I rented paddle boards. That means for two days we had full access to paddle board wherever we wanted. Colorado living has sparked adventure within both of us.

We took my Tiguan up North, following the winding road through peaks and drop-offs. Already sunburned from the lake up the road, the day was early; we had more daylight to explore.

We paddled our boards to the middle of a tiny mountain lake; fisherman standing along the bank, the afternoon thunderstorm in the distance, and the glistening sun on our already burned cheeks. Waterfalls blowing in the distance and snowcapped peaks rolled in the distance.

Laying on our boards at 11,000 feet, holding hands so we don’t drift away, flooded my body with a sense of power.

Looking at our surroundings and taking in all the beauty, we were manifesting.

We were manifesting the next move of Handmade Soap Club.

Of course we were. That’s all we do – think about soap.

We already have the next luxury soap recipes in our heads. On Sunday, we will be driving home to ship soap and make soap.

I keep getting emails, asking when I will be shipping.

The Soap Club only ships on the 21st of every month.

In the meantime, we focus on making the most luxurious soap.

No chemicals!

Handmade with love!

Made with 100% essential oils!

No commitment – you can easily manage your shipments!

Nobody thinks about your soap like we do… seriously! We were laying on a lake, in the middle of the mountains, trying to figure out how to improve upon each bar of soap. My luxury soap is inspired by such an adventures.

Join the Soap Club to enjoy these luxurious bars. Remember, the only way to get soap is in the Soap Club.