Just two nights ago, I was head banging and moshing to hardcore EDM.
Ambulances sat outside, waiting for the dehydrated, exhausted ravers. A
family stood at the entrance, giving free water to everyone, in remembrance
of one of their own.

This morning, I woke to the crisp mountain air and sunlight peeping through
my blinds. Colorado is the place to be. One minute I was raving with
beautiful people; suddenly, I was sipping coffee with my boyfriend on the
back patio of my childhood home.

We were just here a few weeks ago, but a Soap Studio for
www.handmadesoapclub.com, had to be built; we returned to Arizona for work.

With the last few hectic days a blur, I managed to make the 7 hour drive to
see my family. No way was a wild night gonna stop my annual summer
adventure. We chased what we couldn’t resist – the cool breeze kissing
the pine trees, as the sun reaches for the purple sky.

“What do you wanna do?” My boyfriend asked as he anxiously paced around
the house. I shouldn’t have given him a latte…

“Nothing…” I told him, as I sat in silence. I was soaking up the sun
and reminiscing on my childhood.

It’s like pushing the reset button on my brain. A peaceful place, like
Colorado, allows me to forget all the chaos. It’s difficult to ‘slow
down’ after making soap like crazy and living fast-paced.

After a week of serenity, we will head home to ship soap on the 21st.

Soap is curing for August and September (get sneak peaks on Instagram

This month, soak up a variety of the following bars, sold ONLY in the Soap

French Cedarwood – moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

Perfect for those who prefer a masculine scent, this bar is infused with
cedar wood essential oils and red clay. Take a quick trip to the woods;
surrounding pine trees dancing in the breeze, and a stream trickling in the
background. Escape the busy life, and let the crisp scent indulge your

Lemon Zest – natural bug repellent, moisturizing, long lasting

Indulge yourself into the sweet hills of Italy, as you fill your senses
with rich scents of lemon and citronella essential oils. This bar reminds
me of Limoncello through the streets of Positano. Moisturize your skin with
a rich and creamy lather. Let us not forget the Citronella essential oil –
a natural bug repellent. Ciao, to those mosquitoes!!!

Charcoal – reduce acne, improve overall skin health

Remove toxins from your skin as you nourish your body with charcoal and tea
tree essential oils. Commonly known to reduce acne, charcoal soap plays a
big role in overall skin health. Detoxify each pore as the charcoal absorbs
gross gunk… You will be able to feel your skin breathing after each use.

Soaps ship out on the 21st of every month. They are packaged and ready to

Get soap this month at www.handmadesoapclub.com. These summer bars won’t
be around much longer… especially Lemon Zest!