My entire life has revolved around self-care. My dad is The People’s Chemist and my mom is a beauty professional… How could my life not be revolved around health and beauty?

They specialize in over-the-counter medicinals, basically helping people get their life back together. My family is all about going to the gym daily and eating right at every meal.

My parents are the stars in my life, shining bright whenever I need them.

As young as I can remember, we used to package our own shampoo and conditioner in the living room. A wonderful product that I hope to one day make available again, Lily Naturals was the spark to my obsession with everything beauty and skincare.

To further learn that I couldn’t just go to the store and buy essentials was frustrating. It angers me that products are toxic!

So basically, if I wanna take care of my body and feel beautiful, I need to poison myself first… No way!

It appears I am not the only one with this issue.

“Hi Lily,
Love your soaps.  My question is what shampoo should we use.  I know you gave a list of all the awful stuff in shampoos and conditioners, but what are my options?  I have tried using your bar soap as a hair cleanser, it is just hard to get in the hair.  Hoping you can help.  Also tried melting your soap to make a liquid….it did not turn out well.  Ugh
Thanks for what you do and keep the positive attitude….your doing great.  I appreciate it.

Nancy, that is a great question!

My personal favorite is Christina Moss, .

I use these hair products daily, and it leaves my hair feeling soft and luscious.

Unfortunately, I don’t make my own shampoo yet. But, many Soap Club members love my luxury soap for their hair!

“The soaps are luxurious! And SO nice to know they are completely toxin free. I now just go ahead and shampoo my hair with it! One bar from head to toe. That’s all I want to have in my shower. It also has the added benefit of scenting the entire bathroom with the most beautiful fragrances. So I went to the dollar store and bought some decorative little cardboard boxes to store the soaps in. (I just used a little of the shredded paper it was shipped in to layer on the bottom of the boxes.) Now I have those in both my baths, and will be tucking them in random places all over the house! Just love the soaps! It is a good work that you do!
Anita from Virginia”

I hope everyone enjoys my soaps as much as my family and I do. Nobody appreciates ‘truly natural’ like us. Join the Soap Club at .