I have some news…

I am not going to college.

Parent’s that once saw me as a ‘poster child,’ are now convinced
I’m a bad influence.

The idea of attending college, followed by a getting a miserable job never
appealed to me. For a while, I saw college as my best option. I figured
that’s what I was supposed to do.

“College will guarantee a path in life,” I figured.


There is no need for a college degree.

After stressful contemplation and two college commitments, I have decided
college is not for me. Honestly, I never want to walk into a classroom
again. They are claustrophobic, covered in germs, and serve no practical

I will not be attending Whittier College. I will not be attending The
University of Arizona.

The real ‘classroom’ is the world around us. Even Ivy League students
graduate with no practical experience.

I look forward to spending my time and money traveling, adventuring, and
focussing on what I do best – make soap.

My first adventure began just last weekend.

Check out the video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7n5-x5F2hs4&t=178s

My friend and I took a trip to Colorado. Over the course of just a few
days, I learned more than my entire high school career ever taught me.

Together, we problem solved being trapped on a cliff, 4WD over mountain
passes, conquered class 4 whitewater rapids, and ran through dozens of

Everyday, I do something that makes my heart race. The thrill is what keeps
life exciting. Each adventure leads to another lesson, broadening my
horizons, keeping me on my toes, and teaching my more than college ever

Check out the video we made in Colorado!