School has ended. It is finally summer. While most look forward to lazy days by the pool and margaritas in Mexico, my ears bleed to my dads constant annoyance of “GRIND HARDER!!” 

Yes, I get the point. 

I just graduated high school, looking forward to some fun and freedom. At the same time, I know I better keep my feet on the ground. After all these years, everything that everyone warned me about, is here. My life has just begun.

I thought I had college, and the next 5 years figured out. Turns out, I had it all wrong…

Throughout the past few months, my life has shifted into an inadvertent schedule. I thought I would be attending Whittier College and moving back to California. The Universe has a different plan. 

As of today, I have graduated Cactus Shadows High School with a 3.07 weighted GPA. I placed 6th at the International Career and Development Conference, and attending the University of Arizona. I will be studying Business, and Handmade Soap Club will continue to thrive throughout my college years. 

Whittier College would not let me attend without vaccinations. Hence, the change of plans. With my dad’s extensive knowledge on the dangers of vaccines, I refused their pushy judgement. I would never throw away family morals and ethics, nor would I risk my health in place of another’s opinion. 

With a hefty scholarship and what appeared to be an ideal life on the line, I had to make a decision. After visiting the University of Arizona, as my only other college option, I fell in love. The sun of Tucson kissed my skin, and the campus welcomed me, as if it were my backyard. 

Once committed, everything seemed to fall in order. My apartment lease was signed without complication, and picturing myself “Bear Down!” Appears easier and easier everyday. 

Often, I will find myself driving home to Carefree, Arizona. I will remain working in my soap lab, and being close to my family allows for a much easier transition into adulthood. 

My life is speeding up. This means, I can only make so much soap…

We are among the last few months to GET SOAP! I will need to start a waitlist soon… 

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As college approaches, the butterflies in my stomach grow everyday. I am nervous for the years to come, but look forward to growing and flourishing.