Over the past few weeks, my life has been packed with college visits, snowboard trips, and State DECA Competitions.

Constantly picking up to leave town, my teachers have assumed that I have dropped out…

Little do they know, I have been busy manifesting a master plan. I have placed 4th at State DECA, for presenting a Business Growth Plan for Handmade Soap Club. I will be continuing competition at the International Career Development Conference, in Orlando, at the end of April.

This is a huge step towards developing much needed entrepreneurial skills.

Dressed to impress, my blazer sat perfectly over my pink and white button-down shirt. My black pants fit smoothly, as my heels clicked on the pavement.

Around the corner, sat almost a dozen judging tables – with a judge behind each.

My hair gently sat over my shoulders, as my palms turned sweaty and my cheeks got hot. I was patiently waiting for my judge.

“How could I mess this up?” I thought to myself.

I soon realized that all I do is talk about soap – I could not be asked anything, that I have not thought about before. I had a response for any question, concern, or comment… No need to stress!

I walked out of my presentation with an investment.

With personable energy and a engaging content, I was able to mentally seduce my judges.

Moving forward, my Business Growth Plan will develop a stronger basis to the future of luxury soap.