It has been almost a month…

No updates. No blogs. Nothing!

I’ve been going to sleep with pounding headaches, only to wake with a stomachache. This isn’t how I planned my senior year.

“It’s easy!” Everyone told us.

It’s easy, if you actually enjoy high school; not if your intellectual ability is already far beyond your own teacher’s and that of college graduates.

The hardest part is not solving for xor identifying moral traits of a character in some novel. The most difficult part of high school is waking up at 6am, only to drag my feet into class and watch ‘What Would You Do?’ Or build a marketing display out of arts and crafts.

I would rather be making soap and finding something productive to do with my time.

This is education?

I am offended. I am offended by the lack of intellect within society.

Nothing makes my skin itch more than being told what to do, especially if it’s pointless. That would explain my 300 absences. I do not even get marked ‘absent’ anymore; they mark ‘unknown.’

When called to claim my suspension (for all my absences and tardies), the Dean of Students was more in tune about Handmade Soap Club. I went raving about much soap I have been making. It is well known that if Lily isn’t at school, she is making soap.

At least my priorities are set straight.